Wednesday, 4 July 2007, 12.30 pm JST

sotd: m-flo loves 日之内絵美 & Ryohei, Summer Time Love
cotd: ZRT260 Toyota Allion A18 S

For this time, I have three big events to report on.

1. Kristine’s family came to Japan. After roughly ten or so months of living in the Japanese ee-naw-kah (countryside, in English), with only ourselves, a few other gaijins, and even fewer English-speaking Nee-hawn-jins (Japanese peoples), suddenly we had an entire weekend with people we knew from Before Japan. Five of them, no less!

Since Kristine’s site already has a much more in-depth description of the weekend than I need to include, I should just say that it was nice to see them–ALL of them!–and show them around some of our oft-visited areas.

Yay for pictures!


2. m-flo had a concert in Osaka, and we went to it. No kidding. With an odyssey that started in March, coinciding with the release of m-flo’s latest and greatest, “Cosmicolor,” we managed to snag some tickets to their live concert on June 16 at Zepp Osaka. Because words cannot describe seeing my most favoritest musical group ever live, I will only say (1) my sole reason for coming to Japan has been fulfilled, (2) the tour finale in Yokohama which we will be going to next month will rock a hundred million times harder, and (3) it was absolutely ヤバイ.



3. For the first time ever, my entire house is clean. And for once, I’m totally serious. Granting a few loose articles left on the floor and not owning a vacuum cleaner, Kristine and I over the course of one Saturday (we originally budgeted both Saturday and Sunday to the effort) managed to clean practically the entire interior of my house, including the upstairs balcony, downstairs front and rear entrances, bathroom, toilet, and all rooms, AND THEN moved a whole ton of crap around until it morphed into an altogether much more suitable living arrangement with a general feeling of openness and organization.

But? No pictures on this one. At least not yet. Once I clean the rest of the books off the floor I may get around to that.


To come: summer in Japan, and the horrors of obtaining a Japanese driver’s license.


One Response to Cosmicolored

  1. Squiggly says:

    See you at the Yokohama concert!

    Or this Friday.

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