Epiphany Achieved

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Thursday, 28 June 2007, 08.30 pm JST

sotd: Monkey Majik + Yoshida Brothers, Change
cotd: FD2 Honda Civic Type-R

Alright. To the P.C.-inclined, close your eyes and hold your breath for a few minutes.

So…I have learned today that I am a retard.

While signing into my Fotki to look over some stuff, I finally saw a link detailing how to link Fotki-hosted pictures onto any blog or other website. Now, this makes sense, right? Even on my part, for the longest time I couldn’t imagine that such an organized, well-put-together site as Fotki couldn’t have a mechanism in place to link pictures into the outbound direction to blogs, by now the most common way to communicate, inform, and share with the world.

Indeed, what I was trying to do months ago, that is to take the URL of my uploaded pictures and plug them into my WordPress posts, ended up not working. At all. What I have learned is that Fotki provides a pre-prepared URL to let the pictures be linked. It takes a couple more links into sections that aren’t obvious up front, but now that I have discovered it, definitely expect to see pictures from here on out (you know, for the 2 or 3 posts I may write before I leave JET).

Moral of the story? There’s no way for me to do things the way I want, in fact I must conform to Fotki’s slightly unusual system of linking. If you’re thinking this sounds pretty Japanese, I do agree, but I doubt Fotki has any Japanese origins or connections. Just my overactive imagination trying to make up for a sad, sad mistake. It’ll take a few more clicks and a lot more time, but hopefully the result should be worth it.


So again, next time: pictures.


See you again!


Super Hyper Total Catch-Up

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Wednesday, 6 June 2007, 03.15 pm JST

sotd: Teriyaki Boyz feat. Kanye West, I Still Love H.E.R.
cotd: GDB Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec.C Type RA-R

So. I think we can reasonably conclude that my experiment in blogging has failed pretty miserably. [Don’t worry. This isn’t an annoucement that I’m shutting the site down or anything.] But, in my attempts to live Japan up as much as possible, I’ve constantly been anywhere from weeks to months behind in my relating of happenings. Therefore, this post is devoted to a true bullet-point attempt to talk about events since the beginning of year. Check my picture site, since it can describe things better than I can, and imagine that I’m right along side you, offering my boring narration to the visual goodies offered there.

Picking up from where I left off last time:

 January 1: 2007 スタート!

January 4: Back to work. >.<

January 8: Ono Drive.

January 18-January 19: Hyogo JET Mid-Year Conference

January 20: Birthday party in Osaka for Kelly and Brenda.

January 26: Went to Miki. Picked up Kristine and came back to Tamba.

January 27: In Tamba. Yaitei (yakiniku!) with Dylan and Heather.

January 28: Nishiwaki Drive.

February 2: Snow Day!

February 3: Costco trip.

February 4: Hyogo Prefecture High School Volleyball Tournament (in Kobe)

February 10: Spent the afternoon in Sannomiya.

February 11 and February 12: Osaka Auto Messe 2007 (at Intex Osaka on Nanko Island)

February 17 and February 18: Okayama Road Trip

February 24: Went to Osaka. Yodobashi Camera, El Pancho, and the Hyogo AJET “Valentine Party”

February 25: Back to Tamba for Hikami’s graduation ceremony.

February 26: Izushi Day.

February 27-March 10 (roughly): Sickness.

March 11: Taking a ride on the 三木鉄道 (Miki Railway) and exploring Kakogawa.

March 13: Dinner with Laurence at Steak One (first time we had gotten together in a while)

March 17: To Sannomiya for one last romp at Star Child’s.

March 19: Had to reinstall Windows since my computer decided to crash while I had been sick.

March 21-March 25: Nagoya Trip (including my day at Toyota Headquarters)

March 26: We meet Howard in Kobe during his Spring Break trip to Japan

March 29: Dinner with Dylan at Gusto (again, first time in a while)

March 31: Hanshin Tigers vs. Hiroshima Carp at Kyocera Dome Osaka. Dinner in the Okinawan district afterwards.

April 1: Using the Seishun 18 ticket to make stops in the JR Himeji, JR Akashi, and JR Kobe areas.

April 2-April 3: Kristine came up to Tamba outside the normal weekend pattern. Discovered Para Para in Sasayama for the first time.

April 7: Visiting Kyoto (read: JUMBO.) to finish up our Seishun 18 tickets. A dash back to Kobe for Kristine’s school party. I got to go to the nijikai immediately after.

April 8: Kyoto again: the Imperial Palace, Maruyama Park, and the Kyoto Botanical Garden (sakura light-up).

April 9: First day of the new school year. 着任式 (ceremony to welcome new teachers and office staff), 始業式 (ceremony to mark the beginning of a new term), 入学式 (ceremony to welcome the new first-year students).

April 10: 離任式 (ceremony to say goodbye to the retiring and transferred teachers and office staff), 歓送迎会 (party to say goodbye to the departing teachers and office staff and welcome the incoming teachers and office staff) in Kaibara.

April 12: Dinner with Laurence at Sukiya.

April 13: Went to Miki to pick up Kristine, back to Tamba for a school party.

April 14: After stopping at youme town, we visit the Harima Chuo Park and then head back to Miki.

April 21: Stayed in Miki during the day, but at night drove to Seishin (Nishi-ku, Kobe) for the first time and had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant.

April 22: Drove to the Aeon Kobe Kita Shopping Center. Stayed there all day. ALL DAY.

April 23: Took a nap after work for three hours. It was nice.

May 3: Cleaned up almost all of Kristine’s house in one go. Don’t think I have any pictures though.

May 6: Went to Ono Saty for the first time. Confirmed our fuddy-duddyness.

May 11: Kristine came up to Tamba again. Enjoyed Para Para again.

May 12: Had to go to work for PTA day. That night: Maison Ikkoku.

May 13: Drive through Tamba, Fukuchiyama, Asago, Kanzaki District, and eventually ending up at Ono Saty.

May 14: 代休. Spent it in Miki.

May 16: Met Dylan at McDonald’s and had one of the most important conversations since I’ve been in Japan. Details to appear on this site soon.

May 18: 歓送迎会 for outgoing second-year and new third-year teachers. Don’t try to understand it. Spent the rest of the night at Mihara sensei’s bodacious pad.

May 19: Drove down to Miki, and then together went to Costco. I also got to see a Japanese version of Carrefour for the first time.

May 24: Met Dylan at Sukiya for dinner. More important discussion.

May 25: Kristine came up to Tamba again. Dinner at Para Para!

May 26-May 27: Anniversary Road Trip to Amanohashidate. Overnight stay at a ridiculous ryokan. Drove back through Yosano Town (京都府与謝野町) and found a couple more 道の駅 (Michi no ekis? Michis no eki?)

May 28-May 30: Recontracting Conference for all JETs in Western Japan, held at the Kobe Portopia Hotel.

June 2: Drove to Seishin again. Spent the day at Plenty Mall. Came back to Miki for dinner at sushi, which we haven’t had for a while.

June 3: Dinner BBQ at Jason’s house, followed by Sunday night karaoke at Dolphin.

June 4: Indulged in a nice three-hour nap after work.

June 6: Today.

Man, one need only look at April 9 and April 10 to realize why nothing ever gets accomplished here.